We give end to end IT services to the customers throughout the industries. We have a proactive team at Taaffeite working towards it. Let it be Automation, Web Application, AI, Mobile Apps, IT and Finance Outsourcing or Digital Marketing. You name it and consider it done!

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A well-designed server infrastructure can provide several benefits, such as improved performance, reduced downtime, easier management, and increased security. However, setting up and maintaining a server infrastructure can be complex and requires expertise in various technologies.

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Cloud Consultation & Solutions

Identifying the most suitable cloud option is simplified for you. Our cloud services offer easy operations and maintenance, high level security and virtually limitless scalability. We assist you in the development of cloud apps and data warehouses through proper cloud strategies and feasibility assessments in a timely manner.


Virtual Infrastructure Consultation & solution

We make optimum use of your computing resources to assist you achieve unmatched performance at low costs. Our experts create a virtualization platform for your business through server and desktop infrastructure solutions. We help you save costs on maintaining physical machines and ensure increased storage and flexibility.


DevOps Solutions and Services

We offer continuous and effective collaboration between your development and operations teams using CI/CD, IaC, monitoring and logging tools. We assist you accelerate the software delivery process, reduce errors and downtime, and improve overall software quality and reliability.


Cloud Migration

We invest effort into comprehending the unique requirements and operations of your business, allowing us to offer a customized migration solution. We incorporate a variety of tools, techniques, and industry specific automation to facilitate a smooth and swift transition of your business and this integration extend to all types of cloud models.


Server Support

Let us serve you well with efficient server management plans and a team of experts. We watch your servers closely and assure their smooth functioning 24/7, identifying what slows the servers down and resolving the issues instantly. Timely updates for the servers and protection of your data are guaranteed by our professionals.


Web Hosting

How about we provide the server space and resources to host your website? We facilitate secure, fast and low-cost web hosting service with excellent assistance and outstanding efficiency. You can expect dedicated customer support round-the clock for your online business.