We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Technology company with an expert leadership team that shares a vision of revolutionising the service industry.

We believe in growing old together in a very progressive manner, may that be our customers or employees or other business partners. Customer orientation and employee friendliness go hand in hand at Taaffeite to build a better world for all of us.



We are here to make revolution in service industry. Our vision is to empower businesses and people with innovative IT and digital marketing solutions to achieve their goals and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our primary focus is on the IT services, outsourcing services, IT products for hospitality industry and health industry. Other industries to follow!

We Hold Tight

We Hold Tight

We would like to be known as the best IT company across the globe with an excellent employee work life balance. We conduct ourselves with integrity, prioritizing transparency, honesty, and ethical practices. Reliability is paramount to us, ensuring that our clients can trust in the quality and performance of our services and products.

Who we are?


Reliability is paramount to us, ensuring that our clients can trust in the quality and performance of our services and products. Together, our leadership team leads by example, embodying our company values and propelling us towards our vision of becoming a trailblazer in the IT industry.

Prasanth Sreevalsam

Our CEO is a dynamic leader with over a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry. His extensive knowledge and expertise in this field have been instrumental in shaping our company's success. Prasanth possess a proven track record of delivering outstanding results and forging strong partnerships with clients across various industries. Under his guidance, we continue to thrive as a trusted provider of top-notch outsourcing solutions.


Our COO is a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry. With her strong background in this field, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. Her strategic mindset and operational prowess ensure smooth and efficient execution of our projects and services.


Our CTO is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a decade of expertise in the IT industry. With a deep understanding of technology trends and industry best practices, Lekshmy plays a pivotal role in driving our company's technical strategy and innovation. Lekshmy’s extensive experience in Technology empowers her to design and implement scalable and cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


Our CSO (Chief Sales Officer) brings a wealth of sales expertise to our leadership team, with a decade of experience in the field. His deep understanding of sales strategies and market dynamics empowers our organization to excel in driving revenue growth and building strong client relationships. With his strategic vision and proven track record, he lead our sales team in successfully identifying new business opportunities, fostering partnerships, and exceeding sales targets.


towards Clients

We would like to be the eyes, ears, and brains of our customers. We are here to take over their deadlines as ours, their struggles as ours, round off the edges for them to give them an endless summer at work. We offer an end-to-end solution in IT/Apps/Software requirements and accounting/finance outsourcing services. We have solid professionals with excellent experience from MNCs to lead and work on the projects.

We will go an Extra mile to see you smile!


towards employees

We don't discriminate, we are gender neutral. We pay well and we seriously consider growing old with our employees in a very progressive manner. Oh yeah, we don't take our employees for granted. Hard work will always be rewarded in Taaffeite. We have excellent yearly appraisal programs, performance rewarding programs, office amenities and facilities.

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